Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a Load of Crop!

A few months ago a report came out calling marijuana the biggest cash crop in the United States. The report estimates that over $35 billion worth of marijuana is produced in this country each year. That's more than the value of corn and wheat combined.

The report, written by marijuana reform activist Jon Getteman, cites a 2005 State Department report which estimates U.S. cannabis cultivation at more than 22 million pounds.

I've noticed a number of news stories recently about house and apartment fires caused by marijuana grow operations. I've also noticed a lot of stories about law enforcement discovering grow operations in well-to-do neighborhoods. It seems growers are paying cash for homes in these nice neighborhoods and turning these large homes into marijuana farms. Based on Mr. Getteman's report, it seems like they're growing a lot of it!

So it's not just meth you have to worry about when it comes to drugs and real estate.

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