Monday, February 19, 2007

Beating a drug test with an Elmer's Glue bottle

Yes, our video is really based on a true story. Here it is . . .

The story came to us from someone who works at an oil refinery. There was a worker there, a frequent drug user, who had an interesting morning ritual. Every morning, when he got dressed he would strap an Elmer's Glue bottle to the inside of his thigh with an ace bandage. The Elmer's Glue bottle was filled with clean urine (usually drug users either buy clean urine over the internet or get it from a friend or family member). Whenever he got pulled for a drug test, he provided a sample that looked and sounded like an actual urine stream and was the appropriate temperature for fresh urine (labs will often test the temperature of urine samples to try to catch those providing fake samples).

This guy got away with it for a couple of years. The only reason he eventually got caught was that his wife got fed up with his drug addiction and called to tell her husband's supervisor what was going on. If she hadn't done that, he'd probably still be getting away with it today. That is providing he didn't kill himself and/or someone else in the interim.


Heidi said...

Have you seen the "Whizzinator"?

Adam K said...

Yes, I have seen it. At their website, you can order Whizzinator t-shirts.

I think if you've got employees wearing Whizzinator t-shirts, it's a good bet you've got a problem with drugs in the workplace!