Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a Load of Crop!

A few months ago a report came out calling marijuana the biggest cash crop in the United States. The report estimates that over $35 billion worth of marijuana is produced in this country each year. That's more than the value of corn and wheat combined.

The report, written by marijuana reform activist Jon Getteman, cites a 2005 State Department report which estimates U.S. cannabis cultivation at more than 22 million pounds.

I've noticed a number of news stories recently about house and apartment fires caused by marijuana grow operations. I've also noticed a lot of stories about law enforcement discovering grow operations in well-to-do neighborhoods. It seems growers are paying cash for homes in these nice neighborhoods and turning these large homes into marijuana farms. Based on Mr. Getteman's report, it seems like they're growing a lot of it!

So it's not just meth you have to worry about when it comes to drugs and real estate.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Leaky Drug Testing

Here's an investigative report about the problems of urine testing from a Minnesota TV station. The video can be viewed here. The story can be read here.

The technology that certified labs use to conduct urine tests good, accurate technology. But if lab personnel aren't following the proper guidelines to insure urine samples are not being adulterated, or substituted with clean urine, what good are these tests doing??? Garbage in, garbage out.

Many companies who do extensive urine testing of their employees are often shocked when a facility-wide audit with DrugWipe indicates widespread drug use. After seeing a story like this one about the "leaks" in the system, they shouldn't be.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Beating a drug test with an Elmer's Glue bottle

Yes, our video is really based on a true story. Here it is . . .

The story came to us from someone who works at an oil refinery. There was a worker there, a frequent drug user, who had an interesting morning ritual. Every morning, when he got dressed he would strap an Elmer's Glue bottle to the inside of his thigh with an ace bandage. The Elmer's Glue bottle was filled with clean urine (usually drug users either buy clean urine over the internet or get it from a friend or family member). Whenever he got pulled for a drug test, he provided a sample that looked and sounded like an actual urine stream and was the appropriate temperature for fresh urine (labs will often test the temperature of urine samples to try to catch those providing fake samples).

This guy got away with it for a couple of years. The only reason he eventually got caught was that his wife got fed up with his drug addiction and called to tell her husband's supervisor what was going on. If she hadn't done that, he'd probably still be getting away with it today. That is providing he didn't kill himself and/or someone else in the interim.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"A Drug Test With a Twist"

Check out the new IDS video, "A Drug Test With a Twist" (click the video screen above to view it). We didn't have $7.8 million to run it during the Super Bowl, so we decided to post it on the internet (for considerably less money) instead!

You can also view our video at any of the following sites by clicking on a link below:


Friday, February 09, 2007


According to this AP article, the Drug Czar John Walters is reporting that illegal drug use has dropped sharply since 2001. He cites numbers from a University of Michigan study conducted for the National Institute for Substance Abuse that show a 23% drop in drug use among teenagers. Walters credits drug testing for much of this decline. He also reports that drug use among "older people" dropping as well.

I blogged about studies like this not too long ago. As much as I'd like to believe drug use is dropping in this country, I just can't fathom there's much truth to those numbers.

Spending a good bit of my time swiping down businesses, homes, and schools with DrugWipe and talking to business owners, parents, and school officials about the drug problems they're grappling with, it would be a VERY scary thought that drug use is on the decline. And even if there is some truth to the numbers in this study, we still have a LONG way to go!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

24 Things Drug Users Take To Beat a Drug Test

Drug use is a way of life. So is drug testing. Where the two meet, there's a never-ending Cat and Mouse game between the users and the testers. It's enlightening reading through message boards where drug users share information about how to beat these tests. Here's a list of 24 things I came across in just a few minutes of skimming the message board thread I posted about recently:

  1. water
  2. fishoil
  3. niacin
  4. Tums
  5. salt
  6. Cranberry pills
  7. Green tea pills
  8. multi-vitamin pills
  9. aspirin pills
  10. creatine pills
  11. exercise
  12. Mountain Dew
  13. Gatorade
  14. Powerade
  15. beer
  16. coffee
  17. Qcarbo juice drink
  18. McDonald's cheeseburgers
  19. Philly cheesesteaks
  20. lysine
  21. Vitamin B
  22. Vitamin C
  23. Vitamin E
  24. apple cider vinegar

There were seemingly infinite combinations of which items listed above were used and how much of each item was used. These people have this down to a science. And I didn't even get into the things users do to smuggle "clean" urine in for a drug test. That's another post in itself.

Wouldn't you think it would just be easier not to use drugs in the first place?